Interactive Map

The interactive map below displays the features of the M5 West Widening project. This information is current as of July 2013, and will be updated as the detailed design is finalised and construction progresses.

To zoom in: use the Zoom in (plus) button located on the top left hand corner of the map.
To zoom out: use the Zoom out (minus) button located on the top left hand corner of the map.
To move around: use the Pan up (pan up) Pan down (pan down) Pan left (pan left) and Pan right (pan right) buttons located on the top left hand corner of the map.
To go to an address: type the address in the 'search for address' field and click 'go'.
For more information: click on the Information (information) button to read more details about the feature. Click on the Information (close) button to hide the information.
Legend: click on the Checkbox (check box) to turn the feature on or off – this will allow you to see what the land currently looks like eg. vacant commercial land or previously cleared semi-rural land.

Search for Address

Existing noisewalls Existing noise walls
Modified noisewalls Heightened noise walls
New noisewalls New noise walls
New widening
No widening works No widening works
Existing Hammondville toll plaza Existing Hammondville toll plaza
Bridge overpass upgrading Bridge overpass upgrading
Proposed motorway control centre New motorway control centre
Proposed construction compounds Temporary compound sites
Proposed CCTV locations Indicative motorway CCTV locations
Proposed CCTV locations Indicative local road CCTV locations
Proposed area for variable message signs (VMS) Indicative area for new variable message signs (VMS)
Bridge overpass upgrading End of project